Let’s get you SORTED!

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There is nothing more frustrating than searching for something online that you hope works for you, only to find out it doesn’t. At Home Sort, we want to be apart of helping you live your most organized life, that is why we have created two organizing options for you. Whether you are across the country, or down the street, with our help you can get SORTED!


consultations with the SISTERS

See project space, measure, talk details.

Up to 30 minutes. $50.00 fee.

  • Fee credited towards project upon booking.

  • Virtual consultations available as well.


all US

We plan. We shop. We install. 100% us.

Hourly rate applies.

  • This plan is a minimum of two team members on site.

  • We do the work, you relax! It’s just that easy.

IMG_0805 2.JPG

mostly YOU

We walk you through it, you do the work.

60 minutes.

  • This plan includes a 60 minute video chat with one sorter, where we walk you through the process of sorting your space.

  • Plan and product links provided.

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