Just in case you are wondering…

And we know some of you are.

FAQ #1

What does "consultation" mean? 

Our consultation is the time we meet with you to go over your needs for the space requiring organization. During the consultation, we will measure the space, propose a plan, and give you a project estimate. If you choose to move forward, the $50 consultation fee will be deducted from your project total.

FAQ #2

What does the hourly rate include? 

The hourly rate includes a minimum of two Home Sort team members during your project. Depending on the size of the project, your rate will include a larger team. We respect your time and money, so projects are done in an efficient and time worthy manner, and all of these details are discussed in the initial consultation.

FAQ #3

Do I have to buy new bins and supplies for you to organize a space for me? 

No, that is entirely up to you. We can organize your space with the items that you have, or we can organize your space with newly purchased supplies.