Basically, if you have an area - we can sort it.


consultation ( $50 ) 

See project space, measure, talk timeline.  30 minutes.

** Consultation fee credited towards project upon booking.

*** If you prefer an online consultation to make the process that much quicker, we can do that too!


all US ( $125 hourly ) 

We Plan. We Shop. We Install.  This is 100% us.

This option includes two Home Sorters on site where we measure, create a detailed plan, shop, then install.  We do all the work and it's just that easy! 

**Hourly rate subject to change based on project size and location. For traveling rates email info@homesort.org


mostly YOU ( $200 ) 

We walk you through it.  You do the work.

This option is done virtually. The mostly YOU package includes a 1-hour video chat with one of our organizers, where we walk you through the process of organizing your space on your own. This option includes a product list with shopping links, and a step by step plan of how to sort your space. You will then take that plan and do the work yourself. This is a flat rate of $200.