Basically, if you have an area - we can sort it.


consultation ( $50 ) 

See project space, measure, talk timeline.  30 minutes.

** Consultation fee credited towards project upon booking.

*** If you prefer an online consultation to make the process that much quicker, we can do that too!


all US  

We Plan. We Shop. We Install. This is 100% us.

This option includes two Home Sorters on site where we measure, create a detailed plan, shop, then install.  We do all the work and it's just that easy! 


mostly YOU  

We walk you through it. You do the work.

This option is done virtually. The mostly YOU package includes a 1-hour video chat with one of our organizers, where we walk you through the process of organizing your space on your own. This option includes a product list with shopping links, and a step by step plan of how to sort your space. You will then take that plan and do the work yourself.

can organize, will TRAVEL

You may not live in town… BUT don’t worry, we will come to you.

This option includes two Home Sort team members on site, where we measure, plan, shop, then install. Travel expenses may apply depending on your location.

additional SORTERS

Help for BIG jobs! Our assistants come at a less expensive hourly rate, speeding up labor, and lowering your bill.

This option includes our trained jr. ORGANIZERS. Home Sort assistants simply come to help the sisters work faster so we can get your space sorted even quicker. It’s like the old saying says… ”many hands make light work.” In this case, those “hands” are trained personally by the Home Sort sisters.

  • jr. ORGANIZERS are used for large jobs only and at the discretion of senior Home Sort members.